At Sequoia Capital Management, our professionals are committed to helping clients achieve their financial and retirement goals, and to manage their assets and standard of living. We see ourselves as advocates on your behalf.

That means, for example, scheduling meetings with elected officials both at home and in Washington, D.C. These trips are meant to engage our political representatives in candid conversation about the wants and needs of our clients. The more the officials know, the better they can protect your interests through understanding and sensible regulations.

Not long ago, a group of agents representing Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America, one of Sequoia Capital’s premier partners, traveled to Washington to discuss crucial retirement-related public policy issues with the Ohio congressional delegation. The trip was led by Walter White, Allianz’s CEO, and among the agents was Sequoia Capital president Brady Grimm.

The specific mission of the trip to Capitol Hill was to educate elected officials about the challenges facing retirees and the results of moving from a pension environment, to today’s 401k dominated environment. The agents asked the congressmen to support specific pieces of legislation that will help Americans become better educated about the need for lifetime income as a fortification in an up-and-down economy.

This is the kind of advocacy that helps strengthen your defenses and ensure your future.